Monday, May 20, 2013

Home SWEET Home

Finally we have a place to rest our feet after a long days of work. 
A place to call our own and do with as we please.
 AND BOY have I been doing with it as I please!

 When we came to look at the house for the first time we walked in and OMG every room was PINK!!!! I am not talking like awww cute baby pink... oh no it was a mauve ugly pink. To top off this pink the floors had blue carpet. So being in the "omg so much paint, work, and money" mood I wasn't to thrilled. Sorry for the horrible pictures I had to use my phone my camera died after the first picture.. It is hard to get a picture of a whole room. Anyone have any pointers they could give me?!

(Living Room)
(Very Small Kitchen)
(Dinning Room/Eat in Kitchen)
(Guest Bathroom) 
(Guest Room but is now my Studio)

But then when I started talking to a friend about it she convinced me that it couldn't be that bad and she wanted to come see the house so she could see what I was talking about. 

(Master Bathroom)
(Laundry Room)
(Master Bedroom)

Thank God I brought her because she literally saved me from going MAD! I was so overwhelmed with paint colors. Who knew that there were a zillion and one beige colors that could go gray with a drop of some other color.... UGH!

 Our walls at the rental looked like this for about a week before we moved into the new house. Jodie saved me from the craziness of paint choices with one trip to Sherwin Williams. She had me bring a few pillows and curtains with me to match some colors. We had them picked and a quart of Emerald in the color Restrained Gold. I needed to see if this paint would cover the walls in one coat so I wouldn't have to prime!  Here are the colors we choose!

(I ended up not using the yellow on the end. Not yet anyways..I stuck to neutral)

Funny thing about these colors we picked were ones I had feel in love with forever ago and had cut out it out of a magazine. So I guess it was exactly the right colors and I needed to roll with it and have faith!

So moving day finally got here and we moved into this cute little house April 22nd! I started to doubt my color choices. When I put a sample of different colors the Restrained Gold looked really yellow. I didn't like it at all! Jodie came back over and told me to just "STOP IT" and trust her. She said the pink was playing games with the color and it would look totally different then it does on a tiny sample on the wall. She was so sure the colors would work she went the next day and bought my trim and door paint. I knew she was buying it so I wouldn't have a choice in the matter because she KNEW these colors would look amazing!.Trusting her and remembering how GORGEOUS her house is I went to Sherwin Williams and bought the paint. Luck would have it that they had a 40% off all paints! I racked up with the awesome savings! After the paint was mixed and was safely in my car I took a picture and sent it to Jodie to confirm I bought it so she could stop worrying haha... 

Just a FYI: Paint is not cheap and painting a whole house all at once took a whole lotta money. I love Sherwin Williams. I do recommend the Emerald paint. Yes it is the most expensive paint they have but SO worth it. The paint went on like butter and was AMAZING! Make sure to use a thick nap roller and always have enough paint on it!

 I decided on these colors:
Living Room: Restrained Gold(SW6129)
Kitchen: Restrained Gold
Hall: Restrained Gold
Bath(guest): Restrained Gold with Accent wall Underseas(SW6214)
Laundry/Mud Room: Earthy Ocher
Master Bedroom: Earthy Ocher with Accent wall Underseas(SW6214)
Bath(master): Restrained Gold with Accent wall Underseas(SW6214)
Bedroom(Studio): Restrained Gold
Doors & Trim: Navajo White(SW6126)

I decided to go a shade darker in my room and the laundry room since I was going to use brighter colors to decorate with. I had picked out a shade(Earthy Ocher C15-4) from Lowes and had Sherwin Williams paint match it! I love the color its so rich and beautiful next to my blue. It took me a good two weeks of non-stop painting to finish a 1056 sq. ft house. That included trim, walls, doors, and ceiling touch up. I will never ever paint like that again. I am suffering from tendentious in my right and left hand and arms. So be warned if you take on a whole house like a dork that I am then you will be in pain! I am so driven sometimes that I don't just think if I take my time and don't have to do it all at once then I wont feel like a 80 years old getting off the floor or that I walked on needles from tippy toeing to paint high parts because I cant find your step ladder in all the mess. BUT in the end I have a wonderfully painted house and I am officially done on the major painting! Plus I really got my cut-in paint skills down to a rocking roll! I also came to a few conclusions during this madness number one: I hate painters tape. Number two: Dust and vacuum well before doing trim. Number three: Im a big baby and complain allot!  I have to say I am pretty good at painting trim like a pro. Even Jodie said so! ;) Well I am sure yall are wanting to see the after pictures BUT being something that I need to learn(aka patience) I will post them tomorrow! Your going to be blown away. Everyone says it looks like a totally different house.  Till then...


We are so excited about starting this new home ownership journey and sharing it with all of yall! I hope you stick with us through the adventures! 

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Stone Gable

I love me some Stone Gable!!!
Here's a lil' bit of her lovely home!!

(All pics were from her blog)

 Yall go and check her out! she is having a Giveaway!
Have fun!!
Good luck! 

New Home

This Magnolia has a new place to call home! The hubby and I are signing papers to purchase our first home! Talk about nervous and excited all wrapped up into one HUGE bundle... EKK! I have already picked out paint colors and cant wait to see how they look in the new home! Heres some mood boards I created to inspire me and keep me on track! I cant wait to actually start a HOME(not a rental) DIY blog! I pray that this adventure brings nothing but JOY to our lives!

Craft/Guest room:

Living room:

Master bedroom:

 Toodles- Sarah

Friday, March 29, 2013

Entry With Color

Good evening y'all!! How was your Good Friday? Mine was super relaxing and nice! Spent the day with hubby and his family! We had a fish fry. In my last post about my Easter decorating I wanted to share our entry table a.k.a. our buffet decorated in spring and Easter goodies! I dunno if you have caught on to my decorating but I really try and sometimes don't have any option but to use what I have or to make it! To start off I gathered some vases and filled with green moss. Then I had some Dollar Tree flower stems in pussy willow and the yellow flower. I think they are pretty and considering they came from the dollar store I'm not complaining! I stuck them into the moss of the tallest vase and then added some glittery eggs around the stems. In the other vase I added another Dollar Tree nest and placed a small fuzzy chick in front of it!

Then I wanted to keep my lantern on the table but didn't know what to put in it. I decided on some sheet moss and some left over flowers from the basket arrangement I showed you how to make yesterday. I added a mossy covered nest and a Willow Tree cross! It was simple but pretty!

For the center I added a lamp I found at Goodwill (I do have plans to change out the shade and put something trendier) and then a foil covered rabbit couple! I placed all this on a metal tray!

I love not having to go buy anything to decorate our home! Saving money makes this homemaker happy!!!! How do you save money while decorating?
Maybe tomorrow I will have something else to share about Easter but if not I wish you all a blessed and happy Easter!


Thursday, March 28, 2013

Easter Welcome

Hey y'all!! Is everyone getting ready for Easter? I know I am!!(as I smell brownies baking) I am busy baking desserts, but I was able to squeeze in some picture taking.

Our porch is decorated in more of a rabbit theme because I just love rabbits. As a little girl I would catch rabbits in my grandmas yard... Yes you read that right I use to catch wild rabbits and keep them as pets. I have no clue how I did this considering I was only 4 or 5 and they are so fast! Anywho... Back to the porch! I decided to make a burlap garland around the door and add two colors of ribbon both burlap! I made the carrots from burlap also. The eggs are from Dollar Tree and I wrapped them in different color twine! I love them so much! I got the burlap, ribbon, twine, and mossy vine from Paul Michael's!

The wreath is covered with burlap then I added some green burlap ribbon and then made a puffy bow. I added left over eggs and some pieces of the mossy vine.

I love having a pillow on my bench even if it is a small one. I made this one from an image off the Internet. I printed it out on iron on paper and applied it to my pillow. Then I added a few twine eggs and those cute carrots! I wanted a little nest somewhere on the porch so I added a Dollar Tree one and a fuzzy little chick!

I already had the rabbit and the birdhouse. The rabbit was my grandmas. My sister and I had gotten it for her. The flower in the galvanized bucket is a peace lily. What better flower than that to represent Easter! After all this is a holiday to celebrate Jesus. To me when I think of Jesus I think of peace. I know he was a calm man and anyone around him was probably in a very peaceful state. Oh to have that kind of peace.

I had more plans and big ideas but with March being a month full of events my time was limited. I love how it all came together! The best part was that it didn't cost a whole lot. I did make mostly everything and let me tell ya it saves me lots of money! Tomorrow I hope to show you my entry table!! Xoxo-Sarah

Green Willow Pond

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

A Bunny & Flowers

Hey y'all!
Easter is this Sunday and my house is ready for the Easter bunny to come visit!

I made most of my decorations! Including this cute little flower arrangement that now sits on my kitchen table. I'm going to show you how I put this simple piece together, but first lets gather our items.
You will need:

1 package of Moss(I got two colors-gray & green- at the Dollar Tree)
A basket(Dollar Tree)
Flower stems(Hobby Lobby for 50% off. I love the homemade paper texture of these)
A rabbit of some sort(Goodwill find)
A Bark type garland or ribbon(I found this bark looking trim at Hobby Lobby)
Hot Glue gun & glue sticks
Aluminum foil
Tim Holtz Ink pads(I used vintage photo and peeling shutter)
Sponge for ink

Now to get started!! Take your basket and hot glue your bark trim to the top. Make it go all the way around the basket.

Next take your ink pads and sponge and apply the ink to the basket to make it darker. If you do not want to change the color of the basket skip this step.

Now grab your foil and bunch it up lightly and add it inside the basket to give the middle volume. Add as much as you need so that when we put the moss on top you won't need allot of it and the bunny will stay high in the basket.

Open your moss and add it to the top of the foil. I put down my gray moss first then in the center added some green to make it look like grass.

Place your bunny in the middle of the moss. I buried mine a little in the moss to make his base disappear.

Next gather you flowers and start taking them apart so that you can stick small short pieces into the moss as I did here.

Keep placing flowers and leaves as you please and once your satisfied with your flowers you will have a simple but cute Easter arrangement for that Easter lunch with family!!

Tomorrow I will show you what I did for decoration on my porch!! Till then.....

Sorry for such horrible pictures my camera has gone to camera heaven so the old iPad came to do the job. And sorry for the messy room it's my craft studio and there is always something being made in there so it never is clean.<\center>
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